Corey Shader, Florida Business Guru on How to Be a More Effective Entrepreneur by Tightening Up Your Time Management Skills

As an entrepreneur, time is a valuable thing. To-do lists are continually growing, and sometimes 24 hours a day does not seem like enough hours. Fortunately, there are ways to make chaos containable.

Below, business consultant and entrepreneurship expert Corey Shader discusses how to take charge of a packed schedule with these proactive time management tips:

Organization is Key

Priorities, goals, tasks- what skill allows you to find success in these areas? Organization. Though organizing might seem like a waste of time when you have a million things to accomplish, it saves an entrepreneur’s time in the long run.

Starting the day with a messy workspace can cause a lack of motivation as well as an unclear mindset. Organize your desk to the point where everything has a place or home. That way, you spend less time looking for an important file or a sticky note with crucial passwords. A clear work area leads to a clear mind, and clarity proactively eliminates stress.

A disorganized schedule can also lead to wasted time and distractions from business objectives. Organize your day down to the hour so that you do not spend too much time on one single task. Start your schedule with priorities, and hold yourself accountable to complete each job according to the times you plan.

Acknowledge your main distractions, and avoid getting lost in them by setting aside strict time increments. For example, if posting a daily Instagram is a part of your workflow, but you find yourself getting lost for hours on social media when attempting to complete your task, limit yourself to no more than an hour to complete the task at hand.

If a difficult task is taking longer than expected, start your schedule with a simple task that allows your workflow to progress continually. This practice will help develop the skills to organize long-term priorities with short-term goals and help you to avoid becoming stagnant for days at a time with a single problematic task.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is the worst practice when it comes to time management. Your efficiency level will decrease when multitasking comes into play. To overcome this common habit, start a task and complete it before moving onto the next. Trying to juggle several tasks at once will invite your mind to become stressed, cluttered, and overwhelmed.

When you choose to focus all your energy into completing a single task, you are less likely to make mistakes. You also allow yourself to put forth your best effort, which results in a positive output.

Completing a task releases the feeling of finishing. Checking off tasks increases your motivation and inspires you to keep rolling.

Get Flexible

Unexpected objections are a part of life. For a busy entrepreneur, flexibility and knowledge of what to do when sudden priorities arise are crucial to time management. To utilize your time wisely in these situations, be willing to adapt to schedule changes, but do not lose sight of your priorities.

“Never be afraid to adjust your schedule when needed. The entrepreneur life requires focus, organization, and flexibility at all times. With these skills, you will set your time management practices up for success,” said Corey Shader.